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The Invictas NEW eBook "Rock Till Ya Drop" by Herb Gross

Over 100 pages with tons of fun photos. Click here for free preview (520k .pdf)

Rock Till Ya Drop is all about having fun and getting the most out of life. None of us knows how long we’re going to be around, and as we get older, we realize how short life is. That’s why I reunited our ‘60’s rock n roll band, The Invictas. This eBook tells the story of the band, and it may inspire you to discover your own passion.

• During the ‘60’s, the Invictas had fan clubs, police escorts, and a controversial hit record and dance called The Hump.

The Hump made it to Number One in Miami, the Top 100 in the US, and was banned in Boston.

• The eBook covers the entire time period from the early ‘60’s when the band first started to current time.

• Now, the band has reunited, and we’re rocking thousands of boomers. We even have young girls screaming again.

• The Invictas have played with the Beach Boys, been featured on The Today Show, appeared in USA Today and other newspapers across America.

• The eBook is 109 pages filled with lots of fun photographs and it tells a very unique story. I am Herb Gross, author of the book and lead singer in the band.

To purchase the eBook, please visit the merchandise page.

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