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In 2017 The Hump returned to Florida, as well as playing several gigs in our hometown of Rochester, NY! With 2018 starting to heat up, here's some of the places we'll be playing:

Saturday 5/12/18, Private Celebration of Life Event, 7-10 PM
Artisan Works Art Gallery, Rochester, NY

Hump Day

Wednesday 6/27/18, "Hump Day!" Wegman's Concert on the Shore Event, 7-9 PM
Invictas draw one of the largest crowds of the year! 7-9 PM Free Event!
End of Lake Avenue, Ontario Beach Park, Rochester, NY

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Friday 6/29/18, Catawba Island Club, Port Clinton, Ohio
Under the tent, The Invictas will rock at one of America's most prestigious boating and resident locations. The Catawba Island Club is a Private Yachting and Country Club nestled along the southern shores of beautiful Lake Erie. Located on Beach Club Road in Port Clinton, Ohio.
For more information, please visit:

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Due to travel requirements, The Invictas play a limited number of events.
Events are managed by: Herb Gross TV and Entertainment Corp.
Herb can be contacted at:

There’s more to come. Keep visiting this site for updates, and become a friend of The Invictas on facebook.

Take a memory home with you!
At every Invictas event we offer T-shirts, CD’s, hats and more. So join us for the fun and don’t forget your dancing shoes!

Some trivia:
The name The Invictas was due to a brain storming session Herb had with friends at RIT. The band needed a new name and The Invictas was mentioned because Buick had a car out called The Invicta. Today, Buick has developed a prototype called The Invicta. Who knows, maybe there will be a new car called The Invicta. It's a sleek looking design. You can Google The Buick Invicta to see what it looks like.

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