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The Hump Returns to Florida!

Thursday 3/30/17, The Windmill Village in Punta Gorda, Florida, 7-9 PM
Invictas will rock at The Windmill Village in Punta Gorda, Florida. The event is private, BUT.. some tickets are available for Invicta friends. Tickets-$17. Contact Herb if you want to attend. Email:

Friday 3/31/17, Crescent Oaks Golf Club Tarpon Springs Florida, 7-9 PM
This event is open to the public.
Crescent Oaks Golf Club 3800 Crescent Oaks Blvd. Tarpon Springs, Fl. Advance tickets are $8.00 and $10 at the door. At the guard gate, tell them you’re going to the Golf Club for the Invictas event.
Crescent Oaks Golf Club: (727) 937-4653 ext. 22

Saturday 4/1/17, Plantation Palms Golf Club Land O’ Lakes Florida, 7-9 PM
The event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Address is 23253 Plantation Palms Blvd, Land O’ Lakes, Fl. Advance tickets are $8.00 and $10 at the door.
Plantation Palms Golf Club: (813) 996-4653 ext. 3

Here are some of the band’s future events in Upstate, NY area:

• Saturday 6/24/17, Gates Chili Summer Celebration, 8:30-10 PM
Invictas play on the Main Stage at the Gates Chili High School located at 910 Wegmans Road Rochester, NY 14624
Band rocks from 8:30 PM till 10:00 PM.

Hump Day

• Wednesday 7/12/17 “Hump Day”, Wegmans Concert On The Shore - Ontario Beach Park, Rochester, NY, 7-9 PM
Arrive early, thousands show up to dance and have fun. Bring your lawn chair and wear your dancing shoes!

7- 9 PM, it’s a FREE Show, sponsored by Wegmans and the City of Rochester. End of Lake Avenue, Ontario Beach Performance Center at the Gazebo by the beach of Lake Ontario.

• Saturday 9/16/17, Irondequoit High School 50th Reunion at the Rochester Yacht Club, Rochester, NY, 8-10 PM
Band rocks from 8-10 PM. Private event.

Due to travel requirements, The Invictas play a limited number of events.
Events are managed by: Herb Gross TV and Entertainment Corp.
Herb can be contacted at:

There’s more to come. Keep visiting this site for updates, and become a friend of The Invictas on facebook.

Take a memory home with you!
At every Invictas event we offer T-shirts, CD’s, hats and more. So join us for the fun and don’t forget your dancing shoes!

Some trivia:
The name The Invictas was due to a brain storming session Herb had with friends at RIT. The band needed a new name and The Invictas was mentioned because Buick had a car out called The Invicta. Today, Buick has developed a prototype called The Invicta. Who knows, maybe there will be a new car called The Invicta. It's a sleek looking design. You can Google The Buick Invicta to see what it looks like.

* Keep checking this web site for more fun events *

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