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Skip N Go Naked

During the 60’s the Skip ‘N Go Naked was a favorite drink, so the band recorded a song about this fun drink and made shirts with the name of the drink on them. Here are some of the lyrics.

“As I became a young man and took a look around. The gals looked oh so hot I knew that I had found, the best days of my life and the favorite drink around was a Skip ‘N Go Naked …we could party until dawn….let’s skip ‘n go naked… let’s party until dawn… let’s skip ‘n go naked, hope that no one else is around”

Here’s the recipe for Meredith’s Skip and Go Naked:

Combine the ingredients in a punch bowl.

1 Fifth vodka, 3 packages frozen lemonade concentrate, 72 oz. beer, mix and serve chilled.

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Click here to hear some of the Invictas song Skip N Go Naked.

skip n go naked

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