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The Hump
the hump collage

One night in 1963, while playing at Tiny’s Bengel Inn, a couple was dancing provocatively in front of the stage. Herb asked the couple what they were doing. The couple responded “We’re Humping.” A week later, Herb had a dance and song ready for the band called “The Hump". The crowd loved the song and dance.

Word got out about The Invictas wild sound and a recording executive by the name of Steve Brodie from Sahara Records turned up to offer them a contract. For the recording session, the band brought about 30 of their friends and several cases of beer into the studio. The band wanted to capture their wild live sound. It worked, “The Hump” became a hit. Some radio stations refused to play the song but the record sold thousands of copies, made the national charts, and the band was on its way.

  • At a show in Newark, NY, the police threatened to arrest the band if they played “The Hump". When the police saw the crowd was ready to riot, they told the band to play the song.

  • At Watkins Glen, the Invictas had to take the stage early because a crowd of thousands was throwing beer cans at a folk band that was on stage and the band’s equipment was on stage. When The Invictas started to play the crowd settled down and the party began.

  • Band members were often chased by groups of girls. One member had to hide in the ladies dressing room at a local department store. Another member had girls break into his apartment. Girls would often wait outside band member’s homes and call at all hours.

Hump Day
Across America, Wednesday is recognized as “Hump Day". It’s a perfect day for an Invictas party. People look forward to Wednesday as the day that’s gets them over The Hump and closer to the weekend. Thus, The Invictas recorded a song promoting “Hump Day" as a reason to party in the middle of the week. Forty plus years ago, The Invictas recorded the original song “The Hump” and now every Wednesday there’s a party going on somewhere and The Invictas music will get the party rocking.

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